Anal Funnel

Updated: AUGUST 27, 2019

An anal funnel is a sex toy which facilitates enema play. The anal funnel is connected to a flexible tube, which is usually clear for the visual effect. This tube connects to a hollow anal plug. Anal Funnels are usually made from heat-, cold-, and rust resistant metal.

An anal funnel is sometimes called an ass funnel.


More About Anal Funnel

Anal funnels allow people to enjoy enema play with a submissive partner. They can fill the funnel with any liquid of their choice, including very cold or hot liquids. Using liquids of different temperatures introduces sensation play into scenes. Care should be taken to never burn the submissive with the liquid, though.

Dominant partners typically remove the butt plug after using the anal funnel to fill their submissives. Submissives might be encouraged to hold the liquid inside them or let it run free.

Inserting the butt plug may be challenging, especially if you’re new to anal play. It’s important submissives stay relaxed for the best results. Lubricant can also make insertion easier.

Make sure your play area is clean to ensure you don’t introduce bacteria or germs into the anus. Dominant partners should also wear disposable gloves for safer insertion and removal of butt plugs.

While metal anal funnels are non-porous, anal funnels, their tubes, and their butt plugs should all be cleaned thoroughly after play. Thorough cleaning with mild soap and warm water helps keep anal funnels and their accessories free of germs and bacteria. Store your anal funnel in a dry, dust-free place until you’re ready to play with it again.

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