Last Updated: October 14, 2019

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Definition - What does Feminine-of-center mean?

Feminine-of-center is a descriptive term for people who feel they have a feminine gender identity, especially those who do not identify as women. The term is most commonly used by male-to-female transgender individuals.

People who use the term feminine-of-center typically see gender as a spectrum, with femininity at one end and masculinity at the other. Gender-neutrality sits at the central position on this scale. People who identify as feminine-of-center position their own gender identity somewhere at the feminine side of the center position.

Feminine-of-center is sometimes called feminine-centered.

Kinkly explains Feminine-of-center

There’s no one way to be feminine-of-center. Many feminine-of-center individuals present in a traditionally feminine way, dressing in dresses and high heels, applying makeup, and wearing their hair long. However, some feminine-of-center people prefer to present in a more androgynous or masculine fashion.

A person’s outward appearance doesn’t determine whether they are feminine-of-center or not. All that matter is whether the individual in question identifies as feminine on the gender spectrum. They can identify relatively close to the center but on the feminine side or far from it.

People who identify as feminine-of-center often identify with other identity labels including transfeminine, feminine-presenting, and femme.

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