Last Updated: August 10, 2020

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Definition - What does Sensitivity mean?

Sensitivity is the human capacity to respond to stimulation. Humans can have physical sensitivity when responding to sensations including touch. They can also have emotional sensitivity when responding emotionally to stimuli including music and films. Both physical sensitivity and emotional sensitivity are important for satisfying sex.

Kinkly explains Sensitivity

Being physically sensitive is what makes sex feel good for us. Certain parts of the body, including the genitals and nipples, have greater sensitivity than others. It feels good when we touch these parts of our bodies, or someone else does. Body parts that are sensitive to erotic touch are called erogenous zones. There are many common erogenous zones. However, as we all have different turn-ons, erogenous zones can also vary from person to person.

Some conditions can make people’s bodies less sensitive than others. For example, women may notice their breasts are less sensitive after reconstructive surgery. Other conditions can make people’s bodies overly sensitive. For example, phimosis can make the penis too sensitive. Stimulation can feel too intense and uncomfortable for these people. Hypersensitivity can cause premature ejaculation. Some women reject further stimulation after orgasm because they say their bodies feel too sensitive.

Communicating with your partner about physical sensitivity issues can make sex better. People who feel physical sensitivity issues are interfering with their sex lives may seek medical help. Topical creams and sprays and some surgeries may correct the problem.

While physical sensitivity ensures sex feels good, emotional sensitivity helps us connect with our sexual partners on a deeper level. Being emotionally sensitive allows people to pick up on their partners’ needs and desires and strive to fulfill them. When people aim to make sex more pleasurable for their partners, they are more likely to have deeper and more meaningful sexual connections.

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