Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Monoflexible mean?

Monoflexible is an adjective that describes a person who is only interested in monogamous relationships in the present, yet open to exploring polyamorous or other open relationships in the future.

While monoflexible people may seem to be monogamous to others members of society, the people who prefer this adjective feels it is a more accurate description as it considers their level of poly-awareness and interest which is outside the norm.

Monoflexible is often written as mono-flexible.

Kinkly explains Monoflexible

Monoflexible people may have once considered themselves polyamorous but have decided they are not open to pursuing partners outside their primary relationship right now. Other monoflexible people have never been involved in polyamorous relationships and are not looking for these kinds of relationships in the present, but feel these relationships may be suitable for them in the future.

Some people who prefer the descriptor monoflexible over the traditional term monogamous believe there may be degrees of monogamous and polyamorous, much like there are degrees of homosexuality and heterosexuality on the Kinsey Scale. If this holds true, monoflexible people put themselves closer to the total monogamy end of the scale, but not so close to the end that they consider themselves totally monogamous.

Just as bisexual people can be happy in relationships with people of any gender, so monoflexible people can be happy in monogamous or polyamorous relationships. While they may be more inclined to be in monogamous relationships, this would not stop them pursuing that a polyamorous or otherwise open relationship with the right person in the future.

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