The We-Vibe Position

Definition - What does The We-Vibe Position mean?

The We-Vibe Sex position is a standing sex position that incorporates a couples' vibrator for additional clitoral stimulation. This position is simple and passionate. Plus, while standing sex positions tend to reduce clitoral stimulation, this one ups the ante with a powerful vibrator that can vibrate internally and externally - and that both partners can feel!

We-Vibe Sex Position
Couple pictured using We-Vibe Sync couples' vibe

Kinkly explains The We-Vibe Position

To get into this position, get warmed up, then slip in a couple's vibrator like the We-Vibe Sync (after lubricating it, of course!). You may want to do this position backed against wall with some support to ensure both partner's safety - a little more leverage for thrusting doesn't hurt either!

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