Last Updated: February 20, 2018

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Definition - What does Middle mean?

A middle is an adult who roleplays as an older child during age play scenarios. A middle is known as a type of age player.

Typically, a middle pretends to be someone aged from 11 to 17. Middles roleplay being older than adult babies and littles, but younger than bigs.

Kinkly explains Middle

Middles might spend their time as other 11- to 17-year-olds do, watching cartoons on TV, coloring, reading magazines, and playing video games, for example. When playing with middles, it’s important to communicate and read their cues, as they often feel too old for many of the things that littles enjoy.

Being a middle can be a form of stress relief for many people, as 11- to 17-year-olds do not face the same level of stress that adults do. Being a middle can provide a level of comfort and feeling of safety.

Sex may or may not be a component of age play for middles, just as some 11- to 17-year-olds are sexually active and some are not. Middles are typically more sexually curious than littles though.

Middles may also be submissive or dominant. A submissive middle may be a diligent student or child who listens to a parent or babysitter, usually play acted by a dominant “Big.” Middles can also be dominant if they behave in a bratty fashion or take on the role of big brothers and sisters, for example.

In some circumstances, middles may reach a headspace known as middle space. This pleasant space of regression allows middles to momentarily forget their adult lives and all of the stressors associated with it. A person in middle space may talk in a different way, become overly affectionate, or become bratty as 11- to 17-year-olds tend to be.

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