Last Updated: May 29, 2018

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Definition - What does Coregasm mean?

A coregasm is an exercise-induced orgasm that is typically caused by the contractions of the lower abdominal muscles, which can contract the pelvic floor, leading to orgasm. It is more likely to happen as a result of abdominal exercises, such as leg raises or upper-ab exercises. It can be experienced by both sexes. Coregasm doesn't occur for everyone, but it is possible because the core muscles attach to the pelvic floor, which is responsible for the rhythmic contractions that occur during orgasm.

Kinkly explains Coregasm

A coregasm occurs from exercises or movements that engage the abdominal muscles in a way that stimulates an orgasm. Typically, abdominal workouts are the most effective at causing a coregasm, but other exercises such as weight lifting, yoga and biking may also cause this to occur. Coregasms don't always occur in conjunction with asexual thought, but often happen after several intense reps or sets.

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