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Updated: DECEMBER 23, 2019

Cis-normative is an adjective that refers to something or someone who is engaging in cisnormativity. Cisnormativity involves operating on the assumption that all people have a gender identity that corresponds to the sex they were identified as at birth (cisgender).


More About Cis-Normative

Examples of cis-normative behavior include making statements like "Only women get periods," or "Men should check their testicles for lumps," when not everyone who menstruates identifies as female and not everyone with testicles identifies as male. While the cisnormativity in such statements is often not deliberate, it does dismiss, erase, or ignore the existence of trans or nonbinary people. people. Additionally, in some casess cis-normative behavior is used intentionally to oppress trans and nonbinary people.

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