Water Masturbation

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Definition - What does Water Masturbation mean?

Water masturbation is the practice of sexually stimulating the genitals with water. Any part of the genitals may be stimulated with water, including the clitoris, the vagina, the testicles, and the penis. Some people also stimulate their anus during water masturbation.

Anecdotal evidence suggests women engage in water masturbation more commonly than men. This has always been true historically. Water masturbation dates back to a time before 1880, when the electric vibrator became a common treatment for the female mental disorder known as hysteria. During this time, women were sent to special shower rooms within sanatoriums for “hydrotherapy” to treat their perceived affliction.

Kinkly explains Water Masturbation

People use a variety of fixtures and techniques when masturbating with water. Faucets, shower heads, and bath jets are commonly used for water masturbation. People position these fixtures near their genitals and allow the water to stimulate their sensitive body parts. These fixtures allow you to vary the pressure of the water stream to vary the intensity of the stimulation. Shower heads with pulse or massage settings can be especially effective.

Some women even fill Ziploc bags with water, tear a hole in the corner, and insert the corner inside their vagina. Water is forced inside the vagina when the bag is squeezed.

For many people, simply using water to masturbate is thrilling enough. However, water masturbation can be enhanced with sex toys like dildos, butt plugs, and waterproof vibrators.

Sensation play may be a component of water masturbation. Some people enjoy the sensations that come from using cold water, warm water, or both during play. Hot water should not be used, as it may burn your sensitive skin.Water masturbation is very common.

Many people discover water masturbation as a child and continue this kind of self pleasure through their adult lives. So long as the water isn't too hot, water masturbation is a safe way to pleasure yourself.

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