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Updated: MAY 15, 2017

Headgear is an umbrella terms for accessories worn on the head for BDSM play. Headgear can be worn by submissive or dominant people. It may cover only some or all of the head.

Headgear can range from simple masks, blindfolds, and hoods to more elaborate head harnesses and gas masks.


More About Headgear

Headgear may be made from a variety of materials. Leather is common because it’s easy to clean and soft enough to allow easy movement. You’ll also find headgear made from lycra, latex, and metal.

Headgear restricts or reduces the wearer’s ability to function normally. Headgear can restrict the wearer’s senses of sight and smell. Some padded headgear also reduces the wearer’s ability to hear. Removing sensations as headwear can heightens the remaining senses, making BDSM play even more intense.

While headgear doesn’t typically restrict movement, having headgear attached can feel like a type of bondage. The ritual of putting on headgear can therefore help an individual get into a submissive headspace before play.

Headgear can provide pleasure both for the person wearing it and for people viewing the wearer. There are websites dedicated to images and videos of people wearing headgear designed to arouse people who love these accessory items. For some people, headgear may even become a fetish item.

Dominants may like their submissives to wear headgear because when their face is obscured, they can be more easily objectified and dominated. Similarly, a dominant may wear headgear to obscure their own features, making them appear more mysterious and foreboding.

Care should be taken when using headgear, especially if it covers the mouth and or nose. As breathing and the ability to utter a safe word may be impaired, the wearer should be closely monitored. This goes double when headgear is used with gags, which also restrict use of the mouth. Using a safe signal, rather than a safe word, can ensure play never goes too far.

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