Latex Rubber Fetish

Updated: APRIL 24, 2017

A rubber latex fetish is a sexual preference or desire for rubber latex items, usually apparel and accessories. People with rubber latex fetishes may want to wear rubber latex themselves, be attracted to others that wear rubber latex pieces, or both.

People with rubber latex fetishes are known as rubberists or, in the case of homosexual males, rubbermen.

A rubber latex fetish is closely related to a PVC fetish, as both fetishes concern an attraction to tight, glossy materials. However, latex rubber is usually thicker and less glossy than PVC.


More About Latex Rubber Fetish

Rubber latex fetishists are attracted to rubber latex apparel because it is worn tightly against the skin to show off the body. Some suggest the tight material acts as a second skin or even serves as a type of bondage tool. The material also feels good to touch and against the wearer’s skin, which also makes it appealing.

Since it’s so tight, specialized fetish apparel made of rubber latex can be difficult to put on. However, lubing up the body with silicon lubricant can make dressing easier. Proper care is required to keep rubber latex looking good.

Rubberists may also enjoy wearing everyday items made of latex rubber, including wet suits, Wellington boots, and rubber pants. They may also derive sexual pleasure from other items made from rubber latex, including dildos, butt plugs, medical gloves, and catheters.

It’s not just the look of latex rubber that appeals to rubberists. Many are also aroused by the material’s distinctive smell. Some latex rubber garments are made with chemicals that enhance their natural odor. Rubberists may enjoy wearing latex rubber apparel or seeing their partners wear the material in the privacy of their own homes, at sex parties and other fetish events, or even out in public. Wearing latex rubber in public can be a form of exhibitionism that’s highly arousing for rubberists. They may also fantasize about themselves and other people wearing rubber latex.


Rubberists may find themselves drawn to others required to wear rubber latex, like divers, industrial workers, and dominatrices. People with rubber latex fetishes come together at fetish parties and online forums. These places help rubberists feel less alone and meet others that share their interest for friendship and relationships.

A rubber latex fetish is perfectly normal and most rubberists simply accept the fetish as part of their sexuality. However, if the fetish interferes with normal relationships and a rubberist’s professional or personal life, therapy may be beneficial.

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