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The Peg Position

Updated: JULY 26, 2021
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza

The peg position is a penetrative position involving both partners laying on their sides with their heads in opposite directions.

The Peg Sex Position

The penetrating partner lies between the legs of the receptive partner and holds their hips or buttocks. The receptive partner can wrap their arms around the penetrative partner’s legs. The peg position is used for both vaginal and anal penetration.


The receiving partner lays on their side in the fetal position and opens up their legs. With their head pointing in the opposite direction of their partner's head, the penetrating partner lies between the open legs for penetration. "

The tangled-up nature of the position allows for a significant amount of skin-to-skin contact, including touching some less frequently explored erogenous zones such as the knees, calves, feet, lower back, and hips.

The main benefits of the peg sex position are that it is a very comfortable position, with both partners on their sides and not having to exert power to hold themselves up. It may look complicated at first glance. However, once both partners become used to moving into the peg position and aligning their bodies, it does provide a very natural fit. At the same time, the peg position allows for deep penetration. Considered a rear entry and a side position, the peg position allows both partners to control the penetration depth together or individually.

The receptive partner can stroke the penetrating partner’s penis or strap-on up and down with their vagina or anus, or the penetrating partner can thrust with ease. Another method would have both partners contracting their buttocks muscles to grind into each other simultaneously. This position also makes the receptive partner’s anus available for additional stimulation, including possible double penetration. Anally inserted fingers or sex toys would add extra pressure on the wall that borders the vagina and anal cavity. Penetration can be achieved with a penis or a strap-on dildo, making this position possible for people of all genders and sexualities. Couples of very different heights will find that the peg position allows for new sensations and stimulation.


More About The Peg Position

The peg position is one of the many unique sex positions that was documented in the Kama Sutra. While readers and sexual explorers have long looked to the ancient text of Vatsayayana exclusively as a guide to new and exciting sexual techniques, the writings encompass much more than that. It is actually about relationships, how people should behave, and a general guide to living life.

While it has taken on a more simplistic role in sexual exploration—and does offer exceptional benefit in that singular aspect—the writings as a whole offer much more than just fun sex positions.

Many people enjoy the peg position because of how you can control deep penetration. In other positions, such as missionary and doggy style, deep penetration can be achieved, but it is usually the result of deep thrusting by the penetrating partner. This leaves the receptive partner somewhat at the mercy of their partner’s appendage. Some folks end up with discomfort, particularly around the cervix or the deeper walls of the vaginal or anal cavity.

On the other hand, the peg position allows the receptive partner to control not only the depth of insertion but also the position of their partner’s penis or dildo. While thrusting can still happen, if desired, the side position of the peg position also allows for either partner to move in a more up-and-down motion. This can aim the penis or dildo to different sensitive areas to increase pleasure.


More About The Peg Position

While the receptive partner is the most obvious recipient of anal stimulation in the peg position, the penetrating partner’s bum could also receive some love. The peg position is ideal for using a butt plug, mainly if you are new to these toys. Because their ass cheeks will, predominantly, be squeezed together in the peg position, try slipping in a butt plug before penetration.

Rhythmically squeezing the buttocks to thrust will squeeze the anus around the plug. And for those who have a prostate, this rhythmic squeezing will also provide significant stimulation.

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