Suplex Position

Last Updated: April 9, 2021

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Definition - What does Suplex Position mean?

The Suplex Position is an oral sex position that offers everyone involved a whole new angle to cunnilingus.

As any fan of performing oral sex on a vulva-equipped person knows, despite whatever steaming passion they may have, it can still sometimes be a pain in the neck.

Though it may initially appear to be one that acrobats need only apply to do, getting everyone into it may not be as tricky or as inaccessible as you think!

suplex oral sex position

Kinkly explains Suplex Position

The Suplex Oral Sex position is a position where either partner can start things off. For instance, it’s absolutely fine if whoever’s performing cunnilingus makes themselves comfy first. Next, the receiver, with their legs spread, gets up close to the edge of a bed, cushion or piece of sex furniture.

Conversely, the receiver can position themselves comfortably, and then the performer can slide along whatever riser you’re using to put their mouth where it needs to go.

For those with disabilities or chronic pain and/or illness, talk with your partners about what stretching your legs out feels like, and if that is sustainable for a longer period of time. Even if it isn't and you want to give it a try, switching things up is always OK!

On a side note, the receiver can put their legs wherever they need to: next to the performer’s torso, on their shoulders, with their feet flat on the floor, or - if you have the appropriate gear - suspended by a harness or a disability sling.

The pro side of the Suplex Position is in its ability to take a good percentage of the performer’s neck out of the equation, which can be a relief to those out there with stiffness, discomfort, or disability in that area.

However, the Suplex Position may not be a good choice if either partner has any sort of back issue, chronic pain, or disabilities, although discomfort might be diminished by using pillows or whatever else those involved can think of to reduce the stain.

Despite that concern, the Suplex Position remains recommended for cunnilingus enthusiasts as an arousing change to how you and your partner enjoy cunnilingus!

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Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on February 16, 2021

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