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Butterfly Board

Updated: OCTOBER 2, 2017

A butterfly board is a masonite and foam board with a hole large enough for a penis and scrotum to pass through. These body parts are pinned to the board as part of a sadomasochistic practice with needles or nails. The process of piercing and playing with genitals on such a board is called butterfly boarding.

A butterfly board is also sometimes called a cock board.


More About Butterfly Board

Medical grade needles are best used with a butterfly board as they can be thoroughly sterilized to minimize the risk of infections. Nails are sometimes used, although this is much riskier.

The double layer of foam in a butterfly board’s center holds its needles firmly in place. Its masonite layer makes the board firm and prevents needles from passing through into the submissive’s torso.

Using a butterfly board to temporarily pierce the butterfly board can give both a dominant and their submissive a real rush. The practice of piercing is a great way for a dominant to assert authority. A male submissive can also feel a sense of euphoria when his penis and scrotum are pierced. The weight of the board can tug against the penis, creating a kind of pleasure pain. This is heightened when the board moves, such as when the submissive gets an erection. However, the piercing process should not be painful. The submissive is likely to only feel a pressure under the hands of an experienced dominant.

Pain may be inflicted once the genitals are secured on the butterfly board. Some dominants will slap, rub, and pinch the pierced genitals until they are bloody.


Butterfly boarding is a dangerous practice that should only be attempted by an experienced dominant. If the genitals are pierced in the wrong spot they can be seriously damaged. Piercings should usually only penetrate the skin of the penis’ shaft, the foreskin, or the scrotum, to ensure they don’t penetrate blood vessels.

The needles should never pierce through the center of the shaft, as this could damage the walls of the corpora callosa. The head of the penis can be pierced by an experienced dominant, but this is quite risky. Bleeding will result when the piercing is removed, but this can be controlled with pressure and cold packs. Piercing the testicles is also very risky. Experienced dominants may use a hypodermic needle for this kind of piercing, but they should take care not to pierce through to the opposite side.

Needles should go straight in and straight out of the genitals, without any wiggling. They can be kept in as long as the dominant likes. The genitals should not be stimulated directly after the needles are removed; they need time to heal.

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