Brachioproctic Eroticism

Last Updated: January 30, 2017

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Definition - What does Brachioproctic Eroticism mean?

Brachioproctic eroticism is the technical term for the slow, gradual insertion of a body part into the rectum for sexual pleasure. Usually brachioproctic eroticism refers to the insertion of a hand, fist, or arm into the rectal cavity. However, this term can also refer to the similar insertion of a foot.

Brachioproctic eroticism is also called brachioproctism. When the body part inserted into the rectum is a hand or fist, the slang terms fist fucking, fisting, or hand balling may be used. However, these terms can also be used when these body parts are inserted into the vagina. The term for this practice is brachiovaginal eroticism.

Kinkly explains Brachioproctic Eroticism

When a hand is used for brachioproctic eroticism, it is usually inserted with fingers straight, then balled into a fist once it’s inside. This minimizes the risk of discomfort.

People who enjoy receiving brachioproctic eroticism typically enjoy having their bodies stretched to their limits. They also enjoy the feeling of submission that comes with receiving such a large body part, as people who give brachioproctic eroticism often enjoy dominating their partners. For this reason, brachioproctic eroticism often goes hand-in-hand with BDSM. The practice also typically massages the male prostate.

Since the body parts inserted into the rectum during brachioproctic eroticism are larger than those it’s made to accommodate, there is a risk of tearing and bleeding. For this reason, this practice can spread diseases like HIV and hepatitis. The practice can also cause pelvis cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the parametrium.

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