Last Updated: October 22, 2019

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Definition - What does Blastolagnia mean?

Blastolagnia is a sexual fetish for young females, usually adolescents. People who have blastolagnia may be aroused by the sight of young women, fantasize about young women, and seek out sexual relationships with these young females.

The term blastolagnia is a combination of the Greek word blastos, meaning a bud, and lagneia, which means lust. That is because blastolagnia refers to a lust aroused by women that can be viewed as “buds” rather than fully-formed flowers.

Kinkly explains Blastolagnia

In some cases, people with blastolagnia may be able to embrace the condition as part of their sexual identities. They may form sexual relationships with willing teenagers over the age of consent or older females willing to role play the part of younger girls. They may also be content with viewing images of legal teens and never acting on their sexual urges.

However, problems may occur if people with blastolagnia enter innapropriate sexual relationships with teenagers below the age of consent. They may face prosecution if this occurs. For this reason, people may seek counseling or other therapeutic treatments, such as hypnosis, if blastolagnia becomes a problem in their lives.

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