Last Updated: July 27, 2018

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Definition - What does Acedolagnia mean?

Acedolagnia is a sexual disorder characterized by an indifference to sexual intercourse, activities, and matters. People who feel indifferent to sex are said to be acedolagnic.

The word is a combination of the Greek prefix a, meaning not or without, the Greek word kedos, meaning care, and the Greek word lagneia, which translates to lust.

Acedolagnia is sometimes called sexual apathy.

Kinkly explains Acedolagnia

Some people may always feel acedolagnic. These people may consider themselves asexual, as they have no desire to engage in sex with any gender. Other people may develop feelings of acedolagnia over time. People who previously had an interest in sex might later feel indifferent about it after being single for a long time or growing apart from their partners. Some medications, illnesses, and hormonal changes can also trigger acedolagnia in some people.

While acedolagnia is considered a sexual disorder, whether it’s a problem depends on the individual. Many people who consider themselves asexual simply feel their indifference to sex is a part of them that they are comfortable with. For other people, especially those who once had a healthy sexual appetite, acedolagnia may be distressing. In these cases, therapy may be helpful. This therapy may be undertaken alone, with a partner, or both.

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