Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Analism mean?

Analism refers to extreme sexual focus--including activities and fantasies--- on the anus. Those affected by analism may be into anal sex, analingus, and other forms of anal play. Analism can occur in people of any gender or sexual orientation.

One who experiences analism may be called an analists or anocrats. Colloquially terms like "ass hound" and "ass queen" are also used.

Kinkly explains Analism

Analism can lead one to gravitate towards anal-focused sexual activities, including analingus, anal fingering, anal fisting, and anal intercourse as well use of anal toys like anal vibrators, butt plugs or slim dildos.

Analism can mean that anal activities are a fetish - the analist needs them to enjoy sexual interaction or it may be more of a kink- a preferred sexual activity that they enjoy but not one that is absolutely necessary. Analism can lead one to enjoy receiving or giving anal stimulation or, in some cases, both.

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