Last Updated: December 3, 2018

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Definition - What does Algorsenia mean?

Algorsenia is a sexual dysfunction characterized by a lack of sexual desire experienced by men. This condition is the masculine version of algorgynia, which is a lack of sexual desire experienced by women. Both algorsenia and algorgynia are types of alibido, which is a non-gendered term for a lack of sexual desire.

Kinkly explains Algorsenia

Some men have always experienced algorsenia, such as those men who identify as asexual. However, other men may develop algorsenia later in life. While they are two separate conditions, people with erectile dysfunction often experience algorsenia. Stress, alcohol and drug abuse, some medications, low testosterone levels, sleep problems, thyroid disorders, cancer, depression, and some other medical conditions can also trigger algorsenia. Changes in a relationship, like having a baby, can also negatively impact male libido. Simply getting older can also cause a drop in libido levels.

Algorsenia is relatively common, with around 15% of men experiencing the condition at some point in their lives. However, despite this, many men struggle with algorsenia. Just 23% of men experiencing algorsenia say they are happy with their lives. This may be because for many men, their masculinity and perception of it is linked with their sexuality.

Algorsenia can put a strain on relationships. However, there is help for men with this condition who want to boost their libidos. Therapy, including couples counseling may help. Doctors may also prescribe a different medication or investigate other health concerns to solve the problem. Making positive lifestyle changes, like getting enough sleep and quitting smoking, can also boost male libido.

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