Last Updated: April 8, 2019

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Definition - What does Furspeech mean?

Furspeech is a language created by the furry community for the use of its members. This language subverts already established words into furry equivalent by substituting syllables with the word “fur” or other animal-related words.

The term Furspeech was coined by a Furry writer known as Wanderer, who submitted the term to the Furry Dictionary in October 2000.

Furspeech is also called Furspeak.

Kinkly explains Furspeech

Furspeech is used within the Furry community. It is easy to understand outside of it because of its resemblance to English. Furspeech terms relate directly to people and activities within the Furry community. For example, while a person outside the community might have a persona, in an online dating profile for example, a furry would have a fursona. Instead of foreplay before sex, a furry would engage in furplay. While someone outside the community might find their perfect match, a furry could say they have found the purrfect match.

While changing ordinary English syllables for “fur” or similar syllables is common, using comparable animal events instead of human ones is also common. For example, a furry might have a whelpday instead of a birthday or use a pawkerchief instead of a handkerchief. Furspeech also describes acts of affection that furries might share with human owners and their pets, such as scritching and nuzzling.

While Furspeech is commonly used within the furry community, it isn’t taken too seriously. New words are added regularly to the lexicon as language itself evolves and furries develop furspeech equivalents.

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