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Updated: DECEMBER 21, 2016

Macrogenitalism is a fetish for very large genitals. People with this fetish become aroused by individuals who have significantly larger genitals than the norm. They typically seek out partners with large genitals to satisfy their fetish.

People of any gender or sexual identity can have macrogenitalism. They may be attracted to males or females with very large genitals. For people attracted to large male penises, the condition is a form of phallophilia, a fetish for unusually sized penises.


More About Macrogenitalism

Most commonly, people with macrogenitalism may feel attracted to or become aroused by men with very large penises. However, people with macrogenitalism may also feel desirous towards women with very large genital parts, including prominent clitorises and large vulvas.

For people with macrogenitalism, sex with people with very large genitals tends to be the ultimate goal. However, some say they can orgasm simply by viewing images or imagining people with very large genitals during masturbation.

Macrogenitalism is not usually considered a problem fetish and most people with the condition simply learn to accept their preferences as part of their sexual identities. However, if macrogenitalism causes problems in a person’s professional or personal life, therapy to manage the condition may be helpful.

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