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Definition - What does Hypermasculinity mean?

Hypermasculinity is a sociological/psychological term that refers to behavior that reflects an exaggeration of stereotypical male behavior. This behavior may include an emphasis on sexuality, physical strength, and aggression.

Research suggests that hypermasculinity can be associated with three distinct characteristics. These include (1) seeing violence as manly, (2) perceiving dangerous situations as exciting, and (3) insensitivity toward women and viewing emotional responses as feminine.

Kinkly explains Hypermasculinity

Hypermasculinity can be seen throughout mass media in general and action films in particular. This can be seen in films featuring a strong, silent male hero with no visible emotional responses and the ability to take down his enemies and a female character whose emotional/feminine characteristics are exaggerated “feminine” so as to highlight the male character's manliness.

Hypermasculinity provides young men with confusing messages about who and what they are supposed to be as men by focusing on toughness and aggression while outlawing emotion.

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