Last Updated: May 20, 2019

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Definition - What does Hyperfemininity mean?

Hyperfemininity is defined as strict or exaggerated commitment to a stereo-typically female or feminine gender role. Specifically, it relates to the feminine role in the context of heterosexual relationships.

A hyperfeminine woman may prescribe to the notion that her success or worth as a human being is determined by her ability to establish and maintain relationships with men. Pursuant to this, sexuality may be seen and used as a tool to maintain these relationships.

Hyperfeminity is often promoted by media as an ideal.

Kinkly explains Hyperfemininity

Hyperfeminity can involve an emphasis on female sexuality, submission to males, and general weakness.

Examples of hyperfeminity in the media rance from advertisements that feature images of women that have been digitally altered to make them appear incredibly (often unrealistically) thin to pitting of women against each other to the portrayal of women as helpless and in need of saving in films to women serving as passive "prizes" for male heroes in video games.

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