Ninja Sex

Last Updated: March 23, 2020

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Definition - What does Ninja Sex mean?

Ninja sex is sexual intercourse which is virtually without noise. It is named after the ninjutsu, commonly known as ninjas, who were spies in the Japanese military known for their stealth and cunning.

During ninja sex, both people involved in sex and their environment should be as quiet as possible, typically to ensure no one else hears them.

Kinkly explains Ninja Sex

During ninja sex, both participants must be careful not to moan, groan, or make other sounds typical of sexual activity. They must also make sure the things around them are not noisy. Squeaky beds or items knocked from surfaces onto the floor are the enemy of ninja sex.

There are many reasons people may have ninja sex. Most commonly, people having ninja sex do not want others to hear them. This may be a courtesy, if people are sleeping in the same room or nearby, or to avoid embarrassment, when staying with your parents or if you have kids. Ninja sex is also useful for sex in places you’re not supposed to have sex, like in a movie theater or at a dinner party. Some people also find silent sex a turn-on, so will attempt to have ninja sex even when no one else is around to hear them.

Since ninja sex is so quiet, it allows the participants to hear when another person is approaching and may interrupt them. This earning allows people who enjoy ninja sex to ensure they’re decent before someone enters the room.

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