Eye Raping

Last Updated: June 6, 2016

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Definition - What does Eye Raping mean?

Eye raping is a slang term for the act of staring at someone in an unwanted sexual fashion. The term uses the word 'rape' because this type of staring is seen as a violation, even though it is not a physical attack.

Similar to 'eye raping' is 'eye fucking,' a term that hit the mainstream after the film Wedding Crashers. Whereas eye fucking is more often a consensual act, the term eye raping implies that the sexual gaze is unwanted by the person who is being watched.

Kinkly explains Eye Raping

The act of eye raping often involves more than just the eyes. The watcher may leer with their eyes wide open or nearly closed; they may lick their lips or stare with their mouth open. Eye raping is much more than a brief glance. It is an extended act that makes the person being watched feel uncomfortable.

While some people may be able to laugh off being eye-raped, others may feel violated or self-conscious about the unwanted attention. Being eye raped can make a person feel reduced to a sexual object, which can be damaging to their confidence and make them feel unsafe.

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