Open Stance Position

Last Updated: March 10, 2020

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Definition - What does Open Stance Position mean?

The open stance sex position is a simple anal sex position with a twist. This is one round that you're going to want to take lying down. Though you may want to actually be the playmate taking a solid seat to get every last bit of the mind-blowing penetration on offer.

openstance sex position

Kinkly explains Open Stance Position

This is a great position for voyeuristic types who love to watch every moment of their partner's pleasure. The partner on the bottom also has free hands to heat things up even more. Being on top, on the other hand, means being in full control of depth, speed and the general feel of this number. If you're the one doing the bouncing around on top, keep a steady balance using either both hands or just that free one, and keep those legs spread nice and wide to make the most out of what this new take on 'boy on top' has to offer!

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