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Leg Stump Position

Updated: MARCH 29, 2022
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on July 24, 2023
The Leg Stump position is a simple anal or vaginal sex position that requires significant strength and flexibility from both partners. This positions requires powerful quads and glutes, but the unique visual and angles make it worth it! The term gets its name from the stump used in cricket, which consists of three vertical pieces of wood.

Leg Stump Anal Sex Position in which one partner lies flat with knees bent and other partner lowers themself down in a seated position

Getting Into the Leg Stump Position

To get into this position, the penetrating partner lies down on a flat surface, facing up. They bend their knees, place their feet flat on the ground, and open their thighs as wide as possible. The receiving partner then gets into a deep squat in-between the penetrating partner's open knees, facing away. The receiving partner places their hands on the penetrating partner's knees while slowly lowering themselves onto the penetrating partner to achieve intercourse.


More About Leg Stump Position

While the Leg Stump sex position offers a challenge, it also offers a reward: deep and intense penetration. With the receiving partner easily controlling depth, the Leg Stump position gives the receiving partner a lot of say in this position - and helps ensure that every thrust is at a depth and speed that's pleasurable for the receiver. At the same time, especially with a tilt of the receiver's hips to find the right spot, it's possible to find some heavenly G-spot and p-spot stimulation in this position for double the fun.

The Leg Stump position is also a great fit for hands-free sex toys - especially for the receiver. As the receiver's upper arms will likely be busy attempting to hold themselves up, hands-free sex toys - like a cock ring or a panty vibrator held on by crotchless panties - can be vital in ensuring the receiving partner is getting their share of the stimulation as well.

The Leg Stump Position and Safety

The Leg Stump isn't going to be a comfortable sex position. The joy of the Leg Stump sex position is its novelty, unique angles and different visuals - but don't expect it to be sustainable for long periods of time. The Leg Stump sex position requires an immense amount of stability and power from the receiver's quads and glutes, and to meet each thrust, the penetrating partner's quads and glutes need to be ready for the task too. Please have conversations about the comfort and accessibility of this position, as many people with chronic pain and disabilities may find this inaccessible. For instance, if you are a full-time wheelchair user, this position will not work.

Regardless of strength and ability levels, the Leg Stump sex position will not be a good fit for all couples. The deep angle of the knees required for the receiver - and the weight placed on top of the penetrating partner's knees - can make this position a no-go for many couples. While we'd normally recommend sex furniture to help alleviate some of these concerns, the Leg Stump offers minimal ways to modify the position, which means that this position won't be a great fit for some couples. That's OK! There are hundreds of other sex positions out there that are going to better honor the bodies you're in today.

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