Up the Middle Position

Last Updated: July 20, 2020

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Definition - What does Up the Middle Position mean?

The Up the Middle sex position is that final stroke of analingus genius before going to town on an increasingly worked up bottom. To get into this position, both partners should be on hands and knees. A wider stance for the receiver will make things that much better. The giving partner can also add hands and sex toys to the mix. That said, this is another number that’s just begging to have playmates swap at half time. We all know that versatility is key to a healthy sex life!

diagram of the up the middle oral sex position

Kinkly explains Up the Middle Position

This is a subtly erogenous position, as it makes for suggestive and anticipatory visual stimulation for playmate on the back end, while for the playmate up front has that element of surprise that will come into play. It’s perfect to work in with any role play and fantasies that you might have up your sleeve.

Top tips for this sex position: Swap at half time and repay the favor, A visually stimulating and erogenous position, the best move to lead into what you both know is inevitably coming next.

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