External Clitoris

Last Updated: April 19, 2021

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Definition - What does External Clitoris mean?

The external clitoris is the portion of the female sex organ found between the top of the inner labia. It may be visible or covered by the skin fold created by the inner labia, which is called the clitoral hood. While the external clitoris is a highly sensitive sexual organ, it actually extends far below the surface of the skin, branching into two forks called the crura, which extend along the rim of the vaginal opening toward the perineum. The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure.

The external clitoris is also known as the glans clitoris.

diagram of the external clitoris

Kinkly explains External Clitoris

Many people enjoy stimulation directly on or near the external clitoris. The entire clitoris, internal and external, has thousands of sensory nerve endings. It interacts with more than 15,000 other nerve endings throughout the pelvic area. It is made of erectile tissue, just like the penis. While the external clitoris can be easily stimulated manually, orally, or in some sex positions, the internal clitoris may also be stimulated via the use of a relatively powerful vibrator.

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