Open Swinging

Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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Definition - What does Open Swinging mean?

Open swinging is a type of swinging in which the swinging couples engage in sex in the same room. This differs from closed swinging where couples engage in sexual activity in separate rooms or behind closed doors.

Kinkly explains Open Swinging

Open swinging occurs in the same room, or the same bed. In some cases of open swinging there is play between the couples whether between both females, males, or all 4 individuals. This is determined by the couples and their preference or bisexuality. This type of swinging is typically preferable to those that enjoy voyeurism or exhibitionism because some gain pleasure from watching their partner receive pleasure while they too experience sexual pleasure provided by another. In this setting, everything that is said and done is seen by all parties involved which allows for an openness between couples and individuals.

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