Last Updated: March 2, 2020

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Definition - What does Lovestyle mean?

Lovestyle is an alternative term to lifestyle, describing the way a person loves, rather than the way that a person lives. It is commonly used within New Age, polyamory, and tantra communities. The members of these fringe groups insist the way that they conduct their relationships is indicative of a lovestyle rather than a lifestyle. However, the term is also gaining more mainstream acceptance.

Kinkly explains Lovestyle

People have a number of lovestyle options. They can be monogamous, as is the social norm, or pursue a lovestyle characterized by non-monogamy. There are a number of lovestyle options within non-monogamy too, including polyamory, duogamy, open relationships, and free agents.

People may be consistent in their lovestyle or lead different lovestyles at different stages of their lives or while they’re in different relationships.

Some people prefer the term lovestyle over lifestyle because they argue that lifestyle typically concerns material things, such as the vacations we take or the meals we eat. However, a lovestyle is not contingent upon wealth or resources. Even when money is tight, a lovestyle can endure, as its foundations, including mutual respect, affection, and intimacy require no financial outlay. All they require is a commitment to the lovestyle.

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