Lesbian Sheepitude

Last Updated: December 26, 2016

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Definition - What does Lesbian Sheepitude mean?

Lesbian sheepitude is a colloquial term used to describe a situation where a woman or two women are romantically or sexually interested in one another, but are unwilling to display this interest or make moves to pursue a connection. The attraction in lesbian sheepitude may be reciprocated or one sided.

The term lesbian sheepitude comes from the behavior of female sheep, who show their sexual interest by standing still. Similarly, women in a lesbian sheepitude situation indicate their interest by doing nothing and hoping the women they’re attracted to will pursue them. Lesbian sheepitude is sometimes called lesbian sheep syndrome.

Kinkly explains Lesbian Sheepitude

Women may display lesbian sheepitude because they are scared of rejection, apprehensive about relationships, or because they are inexperienced. Sometimes lesbian sheepitude may be recognized, and the desired person may pursue the person being inactive. This is often what the first “lesbian sheep” hopes for. Alternatively, the friends of the lesbians may help the women strike up a connection. On other occasions though, women can be left standing still and the opportunity to connect and pursue a relationship may pass them by.

Lesbian sheepitude may occur because women are typically less aggressive than men. In heterosexual and homosexual male relationships, men can use their natural aggressive natures to pursue the partners they’re interested in. However, without men in the equation, some women are left with little options but to be more aggressive. This can go against many women’s inherent natures.

The term lesbian sheepitude is commonly used online, including the popular UseNet newsgroup alt.polyamory.

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