Alt.Polycon (APC)

Last Updated: September 27, 2016

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Definition - What does Alt.Polycon (APC) mean?

Alt.Polycon is a convention for the polyamorous community and people interested in the polyamorous lifestyle. Attendees participate in workshops, lectures, and other activities designed to support polyamorous people and educate others about their lifestyle. It is organized by the members of alt.polyamory, a UseNet newsgroup, and held once a year in the United States.

Alt.Polycon is often shortened to the acronym APC.

Kinkly explains Alt.Polycon (APC)

People from across the United States and other nations around the world attend Alt.Polycon. Children are welcome to attend, although parents must accept responsibility for anything their children hear at the adult-focused discussions. A fan fund often helps a deserving individual from a continent outside North America attend Alt.Polycon. While there are entrance fees, Alt.Polycon is a non-profit event. Any surplus monies collected are directed into the next event or fan fund.

There is notable cross-over between the polyamorous community and the science fiction one, and some science fiction fans note that their conventions also share many similarities. However, while panels and other activities at science fiction conventions deal with imaginary worlds, those of Alt.Polycon are rooted firmly in reality. Topics such as housing to suit large polyamorous families, expanded family dynamics, and how polyamory relates to other alternative lifestyles, including BDSM and swinging.

When they are not attending formal events, Alt.Polycon participants typically socialize in the con suite, an informal gathering area for chatting with others and enjoying snacks and beverages. Nanoprogramming events like meals at local restaurants and pub crawls also help attendees fill time between the convention’s formal program.

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