Adult Buffet

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

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Definition - What does Adult Buffet mean?

Adult buffet is a colloquial term to describe a gathering of adults who come together to have sex with one another. Each person attending an adult buffet is free to have sex with any other attendee, so long as all parties freely give consent. The term refers to the way people attending an adult buffet can pick and choose the people they want to engage with, much like the way people pick and choose the foods they want to enjoy at a traditional buffet.

The term originated within the swinging community. It is not commonly used outside this alternative lifestyle group.

Kinkly explains Adult Buffet

Adult buffets are typically private parties, although each attendee may not know every other person present. This differs from soft swinging, which involves a much smaller group of couples who may not have penetrative sex. Penetrative sex and other forms of sexual activity are common at adult buffets.

The person or people hosting an adult buffet will typically invite others they feel will play well together. These may be attendees of a similar age, level of experience in swinging, and preferred playing style. Hosts usually invite couples, rather than singles, to an adult buffet.

Due to the level of sexual activity and partner swapping that occurs at adult buffets, safe sex practices are crucial. Condoms, dental dams, and other devices prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections at adult buffets. Good hosts will provide these contraceptive devices and plenty of lubricant for their guests.

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