Triple Penetration

Definition - What does Triple Penetration mean?

A triple penetration refers to an orgy scene made up of at least three men and one woman. It depicts the act of having simultaneous intercourse with the woman, using her mouth, vagina, and anus. It is a delicate scene because the woman needs to be positioned precisely in order to receive all three penises at once.

Kinkly explains Triple Penetration

A triple penetration can be very exciting for everyone involved. However, it is a scene that requires an immense amount of physicality from the woman. It is important to be aware and concerned about her comfort. The scene isn't complete without her. It's important that she remains happy and comfortable. Make sure she is properly lubricated with a good and long-lasting sex lubricant. Agree on a safe word or action, which, if used, should stop all activity.

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