Religious Scene

Last Updated: January 18, 2021

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Definition - What does Religious Scene mean?

A religious scene is a sex scene that utilizes elements in religious worship, including roles, furniture, props, and concepts. Priest, nun, sinner, and saint are some of the more common roles played in a religious scene. Some may even go to the extreme of depicting hallowed religious personalities, such as Jesus and his disciples. Furniture and props can include church pews, confessionals, and crosses. Concepts that are sometimes played out in these scenes include suffering and condoned punishment.

Kinkly explains Religious Scene

A religious scene can increase the excitement level. However, it can go to extremes, which can either excite or offend the people involved in the scene. Religion, as it is, can be very controversial; much more so when it is incorporated into sex. It is ideal to set limitations and agree on what's included and acceptable for those involved. Agree on a safe word, and maintain a good level of respect when playing the scene.

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