Last Updated: August 6, 2019

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Definition - What does Pygophilia mean?

Pygophilia is a fetish that involves being sexually aroused by another person’s buttocks. The word pygophilia combines pygo, the Ancient Greek word for the rump of an animal, and philia, meaning love.

Pygophiles, or pygophilists as they are sometimes called, are not gender-specific. The term may describe anyone who is sexually focused on the buttocks.

Kinkly explains Pygophilia

Pygophiles might find themselves spending a seemingly abnormal amount of time fantasizing about another person’s buttocks. They might also feel recurring urges to touch the buttocks of another person. Most pygophiles are attracted to people with ample derrieres.

Pygophiles often enjoy kissing, licking, or caressing the buttocks of others. They may also experience sexual pleasure simply by looking at a beautiful behind or perhaps by rubbing their buttocks against someone else’s. Pygophiles may enjoy anal sex, but this isn’t always the case.

Pygophilia is a relatively common fetish which does not generally require treatment. Pygophiles may also be attracted to coprophilia, or have a fetish for panties or spanking, as all these practices involve the buttocks.

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