Whipping Post

Definition - What does Whipping Post mean?

A whipping post is a versatile piece of BDSM gear that is used to bind and torture a submissive. It usually comes with a cushioned backplate and an attachable seat. It may also have attachable and interchangeable slots and parts to easily incorporate other BDSM toys in ones torture play.

A whipping post may also be referred to as a torture post.

Kinkly explains Whipping Post

One can tie down, whip, and torture a submissive using a whipping post. The post is designed to highlight a person's vulnerability and render them completely helpless. In the hands of a dominant person who does not respect the submissive's wishes, the whipping post can truly be a torturous device. The dominant sex partner has to respect the limits of the torture play, and stop when the submissive utters their safe word.

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