Definition - What does Vajankle mean?

The vajankle is a sex toy shaped like a foot with a vagina attached at the opening. The product was created by Sinthetics, a husband and wife team who create handmade sex toys made out of medical grade silicone. The vanjankle was birthed when one of their repeat customers asked if they could insert a vagina into one of the feet they were already manufacturing since he wanted to be able to be able to stimulate himself while caressing the foot. The toy is great for those who have a foot fetish and would like to experience sex while simultaneously fulfilling their fetish.

Kinkly explains Vajankle

The vajankle is a sex toy that can be held, caressed, and touched while penetrating the vaginal opening at the top of the ankle. It was designed for those who wanted to be sexually stimulated while fulfilling their foot fetish. The toy received plenty of media sensation and offered those with a foot fetish a new option for pleasuring themselves.

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