Last Updated: December 18, 2018

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Definition - What does Trampling mean?

Trampling is a BDSM sexual activity in which a submissive person becomes aroused by the thought or action of having a dominant person or people walk over his or her body. The submissive's arousal usually results from a combination of pain and the element of humiliation typically present in BDSM relationships.

There is a growing subgenre of pornography known as trampling porn which features this sexual activity.

Kinkly explains Trampling

Trampling is most commonly performed by a dominant female, who walks over a submissive male partner as he lies on his back or stomach. In addition to walking, the dom might jump or stomp on the submissive partner’s back, stomach, chest, genitals, face, and even neck. The dom may be barefoot or wearing socks, nylons, or shoes.

Trampling may seek to produce pain for fans of sadomasochism. It might also look to replicate the trampling fantasized about by macrophiles, who become aroused by the thought of giants and giantesses. It’s also common for people who enjoy trampling to have a crush fetish or a foot fetish.

People should exercise caution during trampling, particularly if the sub is lying on their stomach. The spine is fragile and can be fractured or broken during trampling, particularly if the dominant partner is wearing high heels.

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