Last Updated: August 16, 2017

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Definition - What does Xeronisus mean?

Xeronisus is a little-used term for the inability to reach orgasm.

It’s likely that the term comes from the Greek word xeros, meaning dry or withered. However, as it’s not in common use today, its etymology is difficult to trace.

Today it’s more common to say someone with xeronisus has anorgasmia.

Kinkly explains Xeronisus

A person with xeronisus cannot orgasm by any method. In other words, all forms of sexual interaction, from solo and mutual masturbation to penetrative sex cannot make a person with xeronisus climax. It is a relatively common condition, especially in women.

Xeronisus can be very frustrating for the person with the condition and his or her partner. People with xeronisus may feel frustrated that they feel sexual pleasure, but never the release that typically comes with it. They may also feel like they are disappointing their partners by never being able to truly let go with them.

Similarly, someone sexually involved with a person with xeronisus may feel inadequate as a lover or wonder whether the person truly cares about them.

Xeronisus can be difficult to treat, but sex therapy and couples counseling can be helpful. A person with xeronisus may be encouraged to spend time exploring their body. Couples may also be encouraged to increase foreplay and try different positions to help the person with xeronisus achieve orgasm.

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