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Updated: OCTOBER 23, 2017

Petticoating refers to a type of fantasy role play that involves a submissive man being coerced into dressing in female clothing. This practice is said to have originated as a form of punishment in Victorian times although it may have come about even earlier. Only recently has this practice taken hold within a sexual sphere.

Petticoating enthusiasts enact this in order to achieve sexual arousal and often engage in the practice with the aid of a dominant female figure who aims to humiliate them.

This term is also used to describe a subgenre of erotic literature that involves this practice.


Petticoating is sometimes referred to as pinaforing, pinafore eroticism, or pinafore.


More About Petticoating

A man is typically petticoated as a punishment for bad behavior. He might be forced to wear an article of women’s clothing, such as brassiere or pair of women’s underwear, until the role playing scenario is over. Some disciplinarians go beyond clothing and force men to carry dolls or purses or to wear make-up.

While petticoating is intended to modify the behavior that had been deemed unacceptable, many men find they enjoy this punishment and receive sexual pleasure from engaging in it. Their pleasure is heightened by the element of humiliation that petticoating is used to bring. This humiliation may come from the actual humiliation that results from their submission to the dominant female partner, or the potential humiliation that may come if anyone discovers their secret enjoyment of this practice.

While the purpose of this practice is to be humiliated, many men find they also love the physical sensation of wearing women’s clothes, as these clothes are typically made from soft, sensuous fabrics that can feel much more arousing than traditionally masculine attire.

Typically, the women who discipline men with petticoating enjoy feeling a degree of power over their submissive male partner.


There are a few common themes that emerge during petticoating play and literature. These include acting like a little girl, reverting to an infant-like state, and playing the role of an ultra-feminine "Sissy" French maid.

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