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Male Submission

Updated: JULY 26, 2021

Male submission describes any sexual activity or fantasy in which a male submissive, or male sub, plays a subservient role to a dominant partner. Commonly, male submission occurs in a BDSM context through acts of servitude or sadomasochistic sex. However, a non-traditional yet vanilla act, such as woman-on-top intercourse, may be considered a form of male submission for some couples.


More About Male Submission

In a BDSM context, male submission might involve the submissive worshipping at their partner's feet or being bound and whipped by them. A man could demonstrate his submission by wearing BDSM accessories such as a slave collar, chastity belt, muzzle, head mask, or gag. He might also adhere to behavioral rules set by the dominant partner. However, male submission manifests, it is about focusing attention on the dominant partner and their needs.

Like all submissives, male submissives are not necessarily powerless in their relationships. The rights of submissives are generally discussed in advance of the D/s relationship and are often put into writing.

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