Unbutton the Mutton

Definition - What does Unbutton the Mutton mean?

'Unbutton the mutton' is an Australian phrase that refers to the act of showing ones penis. This act may be accidental, perhaps because of revealing shorts or during gym locker room tussles. It could be on purpose. Purposely unbuttoning the mutton may occur during bathroom visits, before sex, and other similar situations. One might also purposely unbutton the mutton when flashing strangers in public venues.

Kinkly explains Unbutton the Mutton

To unbutton the mutton every now and then is a good thing. It pays to let the 'family jewels' out, and allow them to enjoy fresh air. After all, underwear and pants can limit blood circulation in the pelvic area. However, remember that context and location are important. Unbuttoning the mutton in the privacy of one's home is fine. Unbuttoning the mutton in front of a consenting adult is great, too. However, publicly displaying one's penis or shoving it in front of someone without their consent – as well as other similar circumstances – are offensive.

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