Transformation Fetish (TF)

Last Updated: November 10, 2020

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Definition - What does Transformation Fetish (TF) mean?

Transformation fetish is a term for a sexual interest in the transformation of humans into animals or inanimate objects. Individuals with a transformation fetish, known as transformation fetishists, typically seek out stories and artworks that depict these kinds of transformations.

The term transformation fetish is sometimes shortened to the acronym TF, especially online. Those who frequent online transformation fetish communities may refer to themselves as TF fans. Not all TF fans have a sexual interest in transformations, but many do.

Kinkly explains Transformation Fetish (TF)

Transformations of this sort are often depicted in works of art and literature. Typical portrayals include the metamorphosis of humans into canines, equines, felines, or marine animals. Humans are also sometimes portrayed as transforming into inanimate objects such as dolls, robots, stuffed animals, statues, pieces of furniture, or electronic devices.

As such transformations can only truly exist in genres of fantasy or science fiction and not in real life, transformation fetishists may read, view, or even create their own literature or artwork that depicts characters undergoing transformation, in order to satisfy their fetish. The transformations these pieces detail tend to be non-consensual and often occur after the character has engaged in sexual intercourse, comes down with a virus, is bitten or attacked, or is cursed.

While little formal research has been done about people with transformation fetishes, anecdotal evidence suggests that the fetish is most common among furries and fans of cartoons.

A transformation fetish is relatively harmless, and most transformation fetishists simply accept their sexual interest in physical transformation as a part of their sexual identity. However, if a person believes a transformation fetish is interrupting their normal functioning, therapy or hypnosis may prove useful.

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