Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK)

Last Updated: July 8, 2019

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Definition - What does Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK) mean?

Personal responsibility, informed consensual kink (PRICK) describes a philosophical view held within some sectors of the BDSM community. This philosophy emphasizes the personal responsibility of participants involved in risky sexual behaviors who must individually consent to the behavior after personally understanding and considering its risks.

Personal responsibility, informed consensual kink is a variation of risk-aware consensual kink (RACK).

Kinkly explains Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink (PRICK)

The concept of personal responsibility, informed consensual kink evolved from RACK. It is a relatively new term that began to gain favor around 2009. PRICK was developed after RACK's critics complained that the philosophy didn't stress that individuals had a personal responsibility to accept or reject the risky behavior they engaged in, and live with the consequences of their choices. This element is stressed by PRICK.

Critics of PRICK suggest that while it sounds good on paper, it's impossible to be truly informed about any new kink practices you may undertake. A person can tell you what's involved, but your personal emotional response cannot be assessed until you take the leap. This makes it difficult to truly accept personal responsibility for the risky behavior you're engaging in.

It's not perfect, but PRICK, like other BDSM models, aims to provide a guideline for kinky people to engage in BDSM activities within a safe, secure and pleasurable framework. Some suggest that models like PRICK also help keep BDSM and other kinky play separate from abuse.

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