Switch Hitter

Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Switch Hitter mean?

A switch hitter is a person who is sexually flexible. The phrase is a synonym for bisexual.

This colloquial phrase comes from the baseball term for a batter who bats right-handed against left-handed pitchers and bats left-handed against right-handed pitchers. Just like these athletes, switch hitters also demonstrate a type of flexibility. Similarly, as the athletic switch hitters don’t seem to have a batting preference, switch hitters don’t seem to prefer one gender over another.

Kinkly explains Switch Hitter

It’s not uncommon for switch hitters to go from a relationship with a man to a relationship with a woman and back again. However, some switch hitters may have several relationships with people of the same gender before switching to another gender. That’s because switch hitters typically say they fall in love or experience attraction to the person, rather than a gender.

Some switch hitters also enjoy engaging in sexual activity with groups of men and women. During threesomes or other group sex activities, switch hitters can enjoy the sexual attention and interaction with both genders. Some linguistic experts feel only people engaging in group sex with men and women can be truly called switch hitters. However, most people accept a wider definition of this term.

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