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Definition - What does Siderodromophilia mean?

Siderodromophilia is a condition in which individuals, known as siderodromophiles, feel sexual arousal or sexual attraction in relation to trains. Sideromophiles may feel aroused when looking at images or videos or trains, when riding in trains, or even when standing near a train. This is a type of objectophilia.

Kinkly explains Siderodromophilia

Siderodromophiles may achieve sexual gratification in a number of ways. Much like those in the "mile-high club" have sex in airplane bathrooms, siderodromophiles may wish to engage in sex in a train cabin or bathroom. Some siderodromophiles may also engage in non-consensual acts, like rubbing up against other passengers on busy trains for sexual pleasure.

Sexual arousal as triggered by trains may be due in part to the vibrations of the train traveling down the track as felt in the body of the passenger, which are somewhat similar to those of a washing machine.

Many sideromophiles find suitable ways to satisfy their fetish. However, individuals who find themselves wanting to commit non-consensual sex acts may want to seek therapy or hypnosis to manage their condition.

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