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Queer Goggles

Definition - What does Queer Goggles mean?

Queer goggles refer to the lovey-dovey eyes that some men get for other men under certain circumstances, such as being in prison or in a monastery. Queer goggles make other men attractive in situations where there is a lack of women. It can be a temporary state. It could mark the awakening of a latent homosexual male.

Kinkly explains Queer Goggles

Explaining one's homosexual tendencies or feelings as a product of queer goggles is perfectly understandable. It does take away some of the stigma attached to homosexuality. While this is not as empowering as accepting one's true sexual tendencies and preferences, it could be the beginning of sexual exploration and eventual acceptance. It is always important to be open to learning one's true sexual inclinations.

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