Pity Fuck

Last Updated: March 1, 2021

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Definition - What does Pity Fuck mean?

A pity fuck is when someone engages in sexual intercourse with another based on feelings of pity rather than sexual attraction. Both men and women can offer a pity fuck, and it is to the discretion of the individual whether or not to let the other person know that the act was out of pity. Although sex can be a way of comforting and caring for someone, this term is often used in a disparaging way.

Kinkly explains Pity Fuck

Generally, men and women feel differently about a pity fuck. Men are typically less upset about a pity fuck, while women will, generally, be upset if they find out that the other individual only had intercourse with them because they felt bad for them. The reasons for feeling pity for the other individual are various, but the common factor here is that pity is the motivating factor behind the intercourse.

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